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Aptoide Android App Store form part of a huge universe of the alternative app stores available for Android. Alternative app stores have several advantages over the official app stores. Incidentally, Aptoide is also available for other platforms like iOS. Aptoide market has been one of the most popular alternative app stores that have its own set of advantages. If you are looking for Aptoide app store download, we have already explained the steps involved in this process. However, if you are not happy with Aptoide repository for any reason, we are presenting the best Aptoide Alternatives in this post so that you can check out the possible replacements for Aptoide.

Best Aptoide Alternatives – A Representative List

Before checking out the apps like Aptoide, it may be practical enough to understand what Aptoide is. If you have been following us for quite some time, you should already be aware of Aptoide app for Android and Aptoide for PC. However, it would be necessary to explain it to the uninitiated. 

aptoide alternatives

Aptoide is a huge repository of Android games and apps. It has been considered to be one of the best replacements for Google Play Store. Aptoide has been an excellent option among third-party Android app stores, but it differs a lot from Google Play Store and other apps like Aptoide. What sets it apart from the other apps is it lets the members create their own stores within Aptoide. That would mean you can create your own app store and even publish your apps onto it. In fact, it is the best place for free apps for Android. You can even find Bombitup apk download links in Aptoide App without any cost.

#1. APK Mirror

Now that you are aware of what Aptoide app store is capable of, let us move ahead to check out the Aptoide alternatives. There are several apps like Aptoide that can be given a thought if you have any issues with Aptoide.

APK Mirror is one of the most popular Aptoide alternatives you can give a thought to. It can be considered to be one of the best among Android market alternative. What makes it the best alternative is its huge repository that allows you install any app or game for free.

aptoide alternatives

APK Mirror lists all the apps and games available on Google Play Store including the paid applications. If you are looking for the apps similar to Aptoide, this can be your best bet as you would be able to install even those apps that are not available for your region on the official app store.
Some of the benefits of the app store include

  • You do not need an account to use the store.
  • You can have access to older versions of the apps.
  • Get access to the beta versions as well.

However, APK Mirror does not have a native app for Android. You can only access it as a web portal.

#2. F-Droid

This is yet another alternative app store for Android that can be considered to be one of the best Aptoide alternatives. It offers you access to free and open source software.

aptoide alternatives

Some of the benefits include

  • It is the best option for those who like installing only open source apps on their device.
  • The F-Droid service works as a non-profit community. You can either join as a contributor or donate if you like their work. There is no any kind of monetization involved.
  • The app store ensures that all uploads are genuine and secure. You can be sure of malware free apps and games on this excellent alternative to Aptoide

However, you may be disheartened with a relatively small number of uploads available on the alternatives app store. Probably that would speak for its lack of popularity among Android fans.

#3. Amazon App Store

Initially launched for Amazon exclusive products, the app store has now been made available for other devices as well. It has been considered to be the best alternative to the official app store, but can also be a good alternative to Aptoide.

apps like aptoide

It comes with a well-curated list of apps and games. This ensures that the apps and games published on the store are reviewed thoroughly before being made public. This is what would ensure you the better quality of apps without any malware. The app store also publishes some exclusive content that is not available on any other app store. You can also benefit from the campaigns that it runs from time to time wherein you can get discounts and deals on select apps and games.

The number of software available on the app store is quite limited in comparison to Google Play store, but you can be assured of quality.

#4. DownloadAtoZ

DownloadAtoZ is yet another product that can efficiently work as an alternative to Aptoide. Finding your favorite apps may be a little difficult as it comes in a web portal format.

DownloadAtoZ carries the apps and games that are not available on Google Play Store. This includes the hacked or modded versions of the games, early access software or even those apps that are still in the alpha or beta stage. One of the best points that makes it transparent is the fact that the apps are checked for genuineness. It also lists out the detailed permissions that the app requests. This would be helpful when you suspect any app that may be infringing on your privacy.

#5. APKPure

This is yet another among the best Aptoide alternatives you can think of. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it is accessed even without Google credentials.

It is considered to be a free APK downloader that would help you download the APK files directly onto your phone. The service does work the best as a web portal. The navigation is quite simple and easy. It lists out the latest APKs of any application. In fact, you can even download region-specific apps which would otherwise be unavailable on Google Play Store. You can also have access to the early access apps on the Aptoide alternative.


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Conclusion on Top Five Aptoide Alternatives 2018 | Apps Like Aptoide

Well, that was all we had among the top five Aptoide apk alternatives. Not that this is an exclusive list either. We have picked the best five alternative app stores from among a host of them and made an attempt to explain them. In any case, we would still rate Aptoide to be one of the best app stores you can have on your Android. Also, please note that we have covered the Aptoide alternatives for Android here. If you are looking for the best alternatives to Aptoide on iOS, we would be coming up with an article on the topic soon.

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